MODEL 62021-08-27

After the Model 8 received consistent praise, Geometric Future expanded the launch of a new product series Model 6.

The Model 6 series is named after painters from the Middle Ages to modern times and pays tribute to the beautiful impression these great painters have left on human life.

Model 6 Cezanne (Black/White)

Take the mainstream front face perspective style, decorated with a large number of geometric future image ICONS, fusion of modern modernist style.

Model 6 【 Van Gogh 】

The impressionist style texture of cotton and linen fabric is used as material, and the earth color is spliced and clashing, in an attempt to convey a modern and simple van Gogh.

Model 6 (Raphael)

An oblique geometric icon of the future, reflecting a slanted nanny, pays homage to Raphael's Portrait of Tommaso Inghirami (1509).

Model 6 【 Dali 】

Classic full 3D iron mesh structure front face, black and geometric future orange color, add the illusion of light inside the machine, through the geometric future icon grid, mapping surrealism painting style.