Warranty Service Regulations

Warranty Terms

Limited Warranty

Geometric Future’s warranty only covers the after-sales problems under normal use in accordance with operation instructions. Except where prohibited by applicable local law, this warranty is only applicable to the original purchaser and not transferable. The warranty period starts from the date stated on the valid proof of purchase (e.g., invoice, order information, etc.). No warranty is provided for wear and tear in normal use.

Warranty Requirements

Geometric Future reserves the right to require the valid proof of purchase, such as invoice, order information, product serial number, etc., before repair or exchange can be made.

Repair and Exchange Procedures

Before submitting a warranty request, we recommend that you first consult with our Technical Support or visit http://www.geometricfuture.com. You may find easy way to address your issue.

If the after-sales service is needed within the warranty period, please apply for warranty service at the dealer where you purchased the product (authorized distributor, retailer, e-commerce platform).

If the product is within the warranty period, yet the authorized retailer or dealer fails to provide warranty service, then you can contact Geometric Future, and provide the valid proof of purchase, the contact information of that retailer and the reason for its failure to offer warranty service. Geometric Future will help you address this issue. You can find the contact information for warranty service on the Geometric Future’s website at http://www.geometricfuture.com.

For approved returns, Geometric Future will provide an authorized RMA number, which must be put on the outer box when the product is returned, along with a failure description in the package.

Geometric Future reserves the right to replace the returned product with refurbished one, or use refurbished part for its repair, unless otherwise required by law. The replaced part or product is the property of Geometric Future. The warranty period for the repaired product is either as long as the remaining warranty period of the original product, or 30 days.

User’s Obligations and Responsibilities

The user shall use the product in accordance with the official instructions. Geometric Future reserves the right to turn down the warranty service request for the damage caused by improper or abusive usage, unauthorized disassembly, or use of non-original accessories.

Geometric Future is not responsible or liable for any damage, loss or inaccessibility of any data or programs stored on the product. Prior to applying for repair, user shall make backup copies of the data stored on the product.

For products with RMA numbers, the user shall bear the cost of shipping it to the designated location. Geometric Future is not responsible for the damage occurred during the shipment process. Please do not return the product without an RMA number. Otherwise, Geometric Future reserves the right to reject or return the product to the sender at the sender’s expense.

No refunds will be made to the user by Geometric Future, the distributor or the dealer if the user has conducted or attempts to conduct unauthorized repair.

The user shall comply with the specified service application procedures and provide necessary information, including but not limited to receipt, invoice and screenshot of the order placed to authorized e-commerce agent, as well as valid RAM number, user information, contact information, etc., so that Geometric Future can offer the warranty service accordingly. If the user fails to provide the required information or materials, then Geometric Future reserves the right to turn down the warranty service request.

Product Warranty Period



Warranty Period


All Series

One-year Limited Warranty

One-year Limited Warranty

Cooling Fan/Air Cooler

Cooling Fan (all series)

Two-year Limited Warranty

Air Cooler

Two-year Limited Warranty

Integrated Water Cooler

Water  Cooler Basic  Series

Three-year Limited Warranty

Water  Cooler Premium  Series

Three-year Limited Warranty

Power Supply

Copper Series

Three-year Limited Warranty

Gold Series

Five-year Limited Warranty

Platinum Series

Ten-year Limited Warranty



One-year Limited Warranty